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Feile Uladh 2010

March 15th, 2010

feile-uladh-2008Feile Uladh is organised by Ulster GAA as a celebration of hurling within the Province.  The main objective of the tournament is to give young people from throughout Ulster the opportunity to play and enjoy the game of hurling against teams of similar ability levels.

Please find below the Official Application form.  Clubs must complete both sections:

1.       Feile Application Form

2.       Player Registration Form

All Application forms must be returned to Comhairle Uladh (kevin.kelly.ulster@gaa.ie) before 4.00pm on Tuesday 23rd March 2010.

Applications received after this date will not be considered.

In 2010, Comhairle Uladh have made a few changes to the set-up and structure of the event to meet with the core values of the tournament.  These are:

1.       The tournament will be played over two days.

2.       Day one will involve all entrants who will play off in a league format

3.       Each host facility will have a minimum of two pitches to meet the needs of the competition.

a.       Each venue should have First Aid cover in attendance for the duration of the event.

4.       Panels for Feile Uladh 2010 must not exceed 21 players.

a.       There shall be unlimited substitutions in all games

b.      ALL players MUST be played in all games

5.       There will be two groups in each Division with a minimum of five and maximum of six teams in each group.

a.       Each team will therefore play a minimum of four games of 15 minutes each way, which will provide 120 minutes of hurling, for each team, on the day.

b.      Should a group contain less than five teams then the playing time of each game will be increased to ensure that a minimum of 120 minutes of hurling will be played by each team – i.e. if there are four teams in the group, each team will play three games of 20 minutes each half.

6. The winners of each group will play in a final, which will be played on Saturday 15th May.

7. All finals will be played together in one venue with 20 minutes each half.

Feile Uladh Group Stage (Example)

Division 1A (Five Teams) – 15mins Per Half

12.00 12.45 1.30 2.15 3.00
A v B

C v D

E – Bye

E v A

B v C

D – Bye

D v E

A v C

B – Bye

B v D

E v C

A – Bye

A v D

B v E

C – Bye

Division 1A (Six Teams) – 15mins Per Half

12.00 12.45 1.30 2.15 3.00 3.45 4.30 5.15
A v B

C v D

E v F

A v C

B v E

D v F

A v E

B v C

D v E

A v F

C v E

B v D

F v C

A v D

B v F
  • Games will be played over two 15 minute halves
  • The team with the highest points at the end of the group stage will qualify for the final.
  • Should teams finish on equal points then score difference shall be used to determine the winner of the group.
  • Where teams struggle to get full teams then 13 or 11 –a-side will be permitted

Finals Day – All games 20mins each half

Venue – Pearse Og Park, Armagh

Saturday 15th May 2010.

12.00 Division 6 Final
1.00 Division 5 Final
2.00 Division 4 Final
3.00 Division 3 Final
4.00 Division 2 Final
5.00 Division 1 Final


Feile Uladh 2010 Application Form
Player Registration Form