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We have a selection of Coaching Resources available for purchase.  You can view the descriptions and prices for these here.


Over the years we have gathered a large amount of Coaching Articles, which are available to download free.  These are divided into General Articles, Development Articles, County Strategy and CDP Courses.


The Ulster Council runs a CDP (Coach Development Programme) programme between September-April.  Here, you will find a taster of some of the courses you can attend.


This section will give you information on the various GAA Coaching Awards, and how you can obtain them.

Award 2 Tutors Information

Presentation resources for Award 2 Tutors. This section is password protected and only for the use of Award 2 Tutors.

Level 3 Diploma Courses

The Ulster GAA in partnership with OCNNI will be running two fully accredited courses in autumn 2011. These Diploma Courses in GAA Performance Sports Coaching and GAA Sports Management will be pitched at the same difficulty and complexity as A-Level or Leaving Cert.

Team Fit

St Mary’s University College and Ulster GAA are delighted to present this joint programme on GAA Team Fitness. The programme is a pilot course that is designed to introduce individuals to the key concepts of fitness both from a physical and psychological perspective. This is a practical programme which promotes the application of techniques, tools and resources to the preparation of players.

‘Pipeline to Performance Coaching’ Award 3

This programme is designed to generate the next generation of Level 3 County Coaches. We hope to recruit motivated coaches with the knowledge and drive for success, who are able to develop further the knowledge, personal attributes and key competencies that will help them achieve this success.

Gaining An Edge Workshop Programme

The Sports Institute in partnership with the Ulster Council are proposing to run a series of Workshops/Think Tanks on burning issues within GAA. These discussion groups will look at areas concerning common injuries such as groin and cruciate. It is hoped that by Autumn 2011 we will be in a position to look at best practise in relation to optimising recovery, the most effective methods of analysing performance, the insignificant 1%ers that together can deliver success, as well as kicking, tackling and scoring clinics. These workshops will be available to the senior county football and hurling medical, coaching, S&C, and management personnel.

DENI Schools Coaches

The DENI Primary Schools Curriculum Sports’ Programme was first introduced in the 2007/2008 school year. We now have 32 coaches employed who are focused on delivering the generic physical literacy skills in 320 schools, impacting 850 teachers and over 18,000 pupils.

Special Needs

The aim of the Ulster Special Needs programme is to work in partnership with other agencies and organisations to enhance the physical health and social wellbeing of people with a disability, whilst simultaneously promoting social inclusion through participation.
Gaelic Athletic Clubs are at the heart of every community and therefore provide an excellent opportunity and vehicle with which to include and involve all those who have an interest in the sport regardless of ability.

Foreign Nationals

It’s estimated that by the year 2020, one-person-in-five in Ireland will have migrated here from somewhere else or have been born to migrant parents.
As Irish people, we have the clearest understanding of what it’s like to have to go abroad to make a better life. And we know how important even the smallest word or gesture of welcome is when you get there.
The GAA is about being open and welcoming to all members of our communities. If you’re living here, no matter what you background, we’re interested in you!

NFL – No Foul Language

The NFL campaign aims to encourage our players, supporters, parents, teachers and coaches to lead the way for our children in terms of thinking before we speak, especially when something happens on the field of play that makes us want to shout obscenities in rage of what has happened.

Development Squads

This link will take you to a sub-site which we have set up specifically aimed at Coaches who are in charge of Development Squads. Please note that although registration for this sub-site is free, you will need to confirm you are involved with Development Squads before your account is activated.