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Ulster Senior Football Championship 2015

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An Cabhán v Muineachán

Quarter Final | Sun 24th May | Kingspan Breffni Park | 2pm

NFL – No Foul Language

watchurmouth-sm.jpgThe Ulster Council has recently launched its NFL – No Foul Language campaign. This campaign aims to encourage our players, supporters, parents, teachers and coaches to lead the way for our children in terms of thinking before we speak, especially when something happens on the field of play that makes us want to shout obscenities in rage of what has happened, or indeed when giving the post match report.

In support of the NFL campaign, the Council is giving away wristbands to adults and children alike in an attempt to remind us to think before we speak. These wristbands will be distributed at matches, through clubs and schools. With age comes maturity, common sense and the reality that it is only a game. But that’s not true, as adults, all of this goes out the door when we engage in competition.

You can download a large printable version of the ‘Watch Your Mouth’ Poster.

Parents, teachers, coaches, players, spectators and the referee all have a role to play when competition starts and the red mist descends…..


We all want our kids to do well in life, but taking part in sport is the most important thing they will do in terms of their health. Support our children but don’t put them under pressure, show good example and don’t shout and swear. Stop and Think!


We look to you to nurture and guide our children. Pitch encroachments, arguments with referees, not dealing with unacceptable behaviour from young players need to be dealt with. Stop and Think!


The Code of Ethics and Best Practice goes out the door when we enter the field of play or when we scream at young children or referee in the heat of competition. Stop and Think!


When our team comes on the pitch our behaviour often becomes irrational. Referee abuse, bad language in the stands while standing beside young children is unacceptable. You may disagree with the referee or why a player is on the pitch but engage our brains before our mouths. Stop and Think!

Listen to ourselves…

Cursing and swearing at a referee, who has rushed in from work, given up his family time to help his club, our club and our children play games. Would you do this job? Engage our brains not our mouths next time. Stop and Think!


Usually on the receiving end from coaches and spectators. However there is a need to get in shape, know the rules and communicate to players and coaches. Use acceptable language, even when you are under pressure. Stop and Think!

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Cavan v Monaghan Ulster Senior Football Championship 2015 Quarter Final