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How do you use this worksheet?

  • Draw line on page representing time of match, can include pre game if athlete declares they struggle with anxiety before performance.
  • Label one side of line positive, the other negative.
  • Ask athlete what they notice or what they say to themselves when they are playing well. Summarise comments on positive side of line.
  • Repeat for when they feel they are playing at poorly.
  • Draw curving line as demonstrated in the first diagram.
  • Explain to athlete that they are always concentrating, sometimes what they are focusing on is positive for performance, and sometimes it has a negative impact.
  • Challenge the athlete to recognise when they cross the line from positive to negative. The next stage is for the athlete to develop a system to snap back over the line from negative to positive.

For example:

  1. Cue word or action.
  2. Use eyes to find ball.
  3. Talk to teammate.

The Goal for the athlete is for their concentration curve to become similar to Figure 2 with time spent in negative territory at a minimum.

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