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Ten Steps to Achieving Club Maith Status

See below all the information you need to know about how to apply for Club Maith and how to process your application.

Club Maith

  1. Register your club for the Club Maith Portal using the club secretary’s official GAA email address.
  2. Complete the Club Maith Health Check
  3. Ulster GAA will open access to the relevant criteria as per the Club Maith Pathway
  4. Download the relevant Club Maith Criteria, Bronze, Silver and Gold
  5. Use the Club Maith Toolkit, and website Resources and Articles sections to access a raft of information you will find very helpful in completing your Portfolio
  6. Upload documents and supporting evidence for relevant criteria
  7. Submit completed portfolio to Ulster GAA
  8. Ulster GAA will appoint a facilitator to your club who will review submission
  9. Facilitator will liaise with club to arrange a suitable date for Club Visit
  10. Following Club Visit a recommendation will made to Ulster GAA Coiste Forbairt Fisiciúl Pleanáil na gClub and conferment of Club Maith award to Club