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Cumann Lúthchleas Gael Uladh


Document Title Author Size
Pre-Season GPS Support Kevin McGuigan 640 Kb
Sumary Analysis of Kickouts in 2014 Ulster Championship (Preliminary Round & Quarter Finals) Brian McClelland, Ulster GAA 220 Kb
The use of GPS in Gaelic Games Kevin McGuigan, Ulster GAA 340 Kb
Nutrition & Hydration Guide for Academy Squad Players Ulster GAA 780 Kb
Nutrition & Hydration Leaflet Ulster GAA 385 Kb
Photo: Nutrition & Hydration Scenario – 12pm Training Ulster GAA 40 Kb
Photo: Nutrition & Hydration Scenario – 3pm Match Ulster GAA 40 Kb
Photo: Nutrition & Hydration Scenario – 7pm Match Ulster GAA 40 Kb
Photo: Nutrition & Hydration Scenario – School Match with travel Ulster GAA 40 Kb
Examine the differences in GAA player drop-out in rural and urban areas St John Bosco (2012) 1 Mb
Examine the reasons why there is a drop in team membership around the age of 18 St John Bosco (2011) 1.2 Mb
The role of positive coaching in retaining players post 18 years of age in the GAA St John Bosco (2012) 6 Mb
Fitness Testing for Performance Kevin McGuigan 540 Kb
Fitness Test Procedures for Academy Squads Kevin McGuigan 720 Kb
Ulster GAA High Performance and Talent Identification and Development Plan 2012-2016 Ulster GAA 2.5 Mb
Report of Gaelic Groin Think Tank Ulster GAA & SINI 15.7 Mb
Ulster GAA / Britain GAA Workshops – Strategy & Action Plan Dr Eugene Young 4.6 Mb
Ulster GAA / Canada GAA Workshops – Strategy & Action Plan Dr Eugene Young 4.8 Mb
Ulster GAA – Physical Literacy and Health in the Curriculum Dr Eugene Young 37 Mb
Creating Sustainable Club Coaching and Games Development Structures Dr Eugene Young 5.2 Mb
Promoting Games and Ensuring Fixtures Co-ordination Dr Eugene Young 2.1 Mb
Respect – Has it really Come to THIS… and if so, Why??? Dr Eugene Young 1.7 Mb
An Analysis of Passing During the Ulster Senior Football Championship 2010 Kevin McGuigan 345 Kb
High Performance Workshop Dr Eugene Young 3.1 Mb
Minister’s Sport In Schools Programme Report to DENI 2010 Ulster GAA 3.4 Mb
Talent Benchmarking and Profiling Sport NI 120 Kb
Raw Performance Review Tool Sport NI 20 Kb
Developing Performance Review Tool Sport NI 25 Kb
Emerging Performance Review Tool Sport NI 30 Kb
Key Stage 2 Hurling Coaching Kevin Kelly 12 Kb
Teacher Benchmarking Fiona-Marie Kearney 4.2 Mb
How to Develop Underage Club Coaching & Games Structures Terence McWilliams 12.1 Mb
Cardiovascular Risk in Young Athletess Matthew Wilson 21.5 Mb
Final Week Preparation – Prelude to the Big Game Dr L Hennessy 1.1 Mb
Sports Vision Training Dr Sherylle Calder 100 Kb
Speed Work John O’Brien 1.7 Mb
First Aid Tom Gourley 14.2 Mb
Burn Out Phil Glasgow 8.6 Mb
The Seven Sisters Dr Eugene Young 15 Mb
Tackling Drills Brendan O’Hara 25 Kb
Shooting Drills Brendan O’Hara 60 Kb
Midfield Play Brendan O’Hara 195 Kb
Biomechanics of Kicking (taken from AFL) David Rath 1 Mb
Self-Massage (taken from (AFL) Brad Haskins 1.1 Mb
Analysis of Training and Games Declan Gamble 1.5 Mb
GPS Presentation Declan Gamble 2.2 Mb
Developing The Big Man Dr E Young / Peter McGinnity 785 Kb
Development Teamship Hugh Campbell 65 Kb
Sports Institute GAA Players Annual Plan 2005-2006 Dr Eugene Young 50 Kb
Psychology for Coaches Mark Elliott 50 Kb
Nutrition and Referee Sharon Madigan 1.8 Mb
Core on the Floor 500 Kb
Medicine Ball Circuit
Cardiac Risk in Young 375 Kb
GPS Paper 235 Kb
Implementing an Urban Plan for GAA Barry O’Hagan / Ben Corr 920 Kb
Urbanisation and Games Development Ben Corr 700 Kb
Football and Hurling Working Together Tony Scullion 250 Kb
Adopt, Innovate and Improve Dr Eugene Young 1.3 Mb
Ulster Council GAA Symposium Dr Eugene Young 600 Kb
Report to Coaching and Games Development Committee Dr Eugene Young 200 Kb
Coaching Gaelic Games in Ulster Dr Eugene Young 1.1 Mb
The Art of Coaching – Principles of Play Dr Eugene Young 95 Kb
Managing Talented Young Players – Debate Dr Eugene Young 225 Kb
Integrating Services Seminar – U16 Dr Eugene Young 450 Kb
Talented Player Training Load Dr Eugene Young 55 Kb
Skills Test Draft Dr Eugene Young 270 Kb
Fitness Developmant Squads Protocol Dr Eugene Young 255 Kb
Diary for Development Squads Dr Eugene Young 370 Kb
Modelling our Coaching on Bayli Dr Eugene Young 100 Kb
Jumps Programme Dr Eugene Young 600 Kb
Archive of Coaching Tips Philip Kerr 230 Kb
Player Burnout Feedback Dr Eugene Young 140 Kb
Sports Psychology John Morrison 2.2 Mb
Performance Analysis Dr Eugene Young 3 Mb
Player Burnout 2 Dr Eugene Young 2 Mb
Coaching Card – Over the River Philip Kerr 110 Kb
Coaching Card – Template Dr Eugene Young 90 Kb
Managing Talented Young Players – Avoiding Burnout Dr Eugene Young 170 Kb
Plug Those Gaps John Morrison 70 Kb
Systems and Structures to Support Development Mark Conway 100 Kb
Building the Correct Base for Future Players and Stars Philip Kerr 100 Kb
Innovation and Change in County Boards Danny Murphy 145 Kb
County Based Squads – Evaluating the Development Anthony Harkin 95 Kb
Developing a Way Forward for Hurling Thomas Lismore 170 Kb
Ulster Coaching and Games Development Symposium Dr Eugene Young 380 Kb
‘Feeling’ is Better than Telling John Morrison 880 Kb
Who Will be Shocked John Morrison 900 Kb
A Barrister at Ten, Never! John Morrison 840 Kb
Are We Ready? John Morrison 465 Kb
Am I Motivated? John Morrison 1 Mb
I Asked The Experts John Morrison 1.2 Mb
Watch Your Language John Morrison 1 Mb
Funny What You See and Meet John Morrison 1.6 Mb
Spirit: Build it, Don’t Drink it John Morrison 1.25 Mb
Quality Requires Support and Vision John Morrison 1.2 Mb
“Mister, Mister…” John Morrison 1.3 Mb
Hearing but not Listening John Morrison 1.1 Mb
Skills are Transferable John Morrison 1.4 Mb
Have You a Mind To John Morrison 1.4 Mb
TIPS, SPIT is Better John Morrison 1.2 Mb
Life is for Living – Just a Thought John Morrison 1.2 Mb
Inspired by Sharon John Morrison 1.4 Mb
“If It Was Good Enough for Me…” John Morrison 1.4 Mb
When the Going Gets Tough… John Morrison 1.4 Mb
Make Sense of Game Sense John Morrison 1.5 Mb
Attack – The Best Form of Defence John Morrison 1.3 Mb