Cumann Lúthchleas Gael Uladh

CDP Courses

Document Title Author Size
Physical Preparation for U14 & U16’s Kevin Kelly 1.2 Mb
Strength Training for Hurling Kevin Kelly 40 Kb
Kicking Skills Workshop – 14-16 Year Olds Diarmaid Marsden 807 Kb
Bring Back Kicking Terence McWilliams 1.6 Mb
Fitness Testing Made Easy Kevin McGuigan 595 Kb
Guide to Simple Fitness Testing Kevin McGuigan 145 Kb
Fitness Testing Results Template Kevin McGuigan 3.3 Mb
Building Stronger Players Gary Mallon, Kevin Kelly & Paul Rouse 4.6 Mb
Tackling for Success – Coaching Tackling Back Roger Keenan 95 Kb
Club Coaching Structures Audit Terence McWilliams 200 Kb
Conditioning the GAA Player Kevin Kelly 380 Kb
Fitness Testing Made Easy Kevin McGuigan 1.1 Mb
Fitness Testing Results Collection Template Kevin McGuigan 875 Kb
Fitness Testing Results Template Kevin McGuigan 2.1 Mb
Power Bag Conditioning with the Ball Kevin Kelly 800 Kb
Coaching the Coaches – S&C Kevin Kelly 320 Kb
Coaching the Coaches – Fitness Testing Protocol Kevin McGuigan 460 Kb
Circuits for Success Kevin Kelly 325 Kb
Conditioned Games Ronan McWilliams 70 Kb
Powerbag Session 40 Kb
Games to Develop Football (2009) Tony Scullion 60 Kb
Raising the Tempo 20 Kb
Wall Ball 45 Kb
Gaelic Start – Games For Kids (ZIP File) Terence McWilliams 3.45 Mb
Hurling Nursery Programme Kevin Kelly 35 Kb
Adapting FUN Games for Hurling Kevin Kelly 150 Kb
Fitness with the Football Philip Kerr 70 Kb
Sports Psychology John Kane 5.15 Mb
Sports Psychology – Concentration Chart John Kane 20 Kb
Sports Psychology – Dart Board John Kane 370 Kb
Sports Psychology – Relaxation Tips John Kane 25 Kb
Coaching the Tackle in Hurling Kevin Kelly 25 Kb
Athlete Diary Training Des Jennings 520 Kb
Performance Lifestyle for GAA Players Des Jennings 370 Kb
Athletic Development of GAA Players Ian McKeown 2 Mb
Adapted Fun Games For Developing Children’s Game Play Terence McWilliams 2.6 Mb
Under Age Warm Ups Terence McWilliams 55 Kb
Plyometrics Terence McWilliams 2.1 Mb
Fit for Play – Injury Management & Prevention Chris McNicol 2.1 Mb
Tapering & Peaking for Gaelic Football John McCloskey 570 Kb
Coaching the Female Athlete 2008 Una McKay 3.7 Mb
Drills to Improve Football Skills Philip Kerr 80 Kb
Coaching Tips Philip Kerr 160 Kb
Strength Training for Adults Paul Murphy 180 Kb
Strength Training Exercises Log Paul Murphy 12 Kb
Coaching the Tackle Jim McCorry 60 Kb
Games for Better Team Play Roger Keenan 90 Kb
Core Stability & Strength Training Tommy Stevenson 955 Kb
Developing Attacking Play in Football Michael McGeehin 155 Kb
Coaching Defensive Play in Gaelic Football Philip Kerr / Paddy Flynn 50 Kb
Coaching the Tackle Paddy Linden 240 Kb
Games for Better Team Play in Hurling Kevin Kelly 150 Kb
Kicking for Scores Seamus Meehan 80 Kb
Fitness with the Football Tony Scullion 55 Kb
Fitness with the Sliotar Paul Boyle 1.1 Mb
Pre-Season and Strength Training John O’Brien / Tommy Stevenson 520 Kb

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