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Féile Charter

The John West Féile na nGael and Féile Peile na nÓg tournaments are All-Ireland Club festivals for Hurling, Football, Camogie, Handball and Rounders at Under 14 years of age level. Coiste Stiúrtha Náisiúnta Féile, appointed by Uachtarán CLG, shall have the responsibility for the organisation of the tournaments.

This charter and the accompanying abridged version of the playing rules clearly outline the levels of good practice in terms of behaviour and participation that is required from all players, coaches and supporters at Club, County, Regional and National Féile events. A core aim of Féile is to promote a philosophy whereby every player has the opportunity to participate and play in their respective Féile tournament at a level commensurate to their age, skills and strengths.

Coiste Stiúrtha Náisiúnta Féile shall reserve the right to propose sanctions, including expulsion from John West Féile, of teams/clubs that fail to comply with the rules and Charter of John West Féile na nGael (Hurling, Camogie, Rounders and Handball) and/or John West Féile Peil na nÓg (Gaelic Football and Ladies Gaelic Football).


Teams participating at the National Finals and Regional Competitions of John West Féile na nGael and John West Féile Peil na nÓg shall be nominated by their County Coiste na nÓg. Both John West Féile na nGael and John West Féile Peil na nÓg offer every team at U14 years age group an opportunity to participate in these festivals of Gaelic Games at Club, Regional or National level.

Participating teams shall be 15-a-side (unless Coiste Stiúrtha Náisiúnta Féile has decided that a certain Division may deviate from the 15 a-side rule), comprising of players who are over 10 and under 14 years of age on 1st January in the year of Féile.

In the case of Handball a team shall consist of five players.

Code of Behaviour

This Code of Behaviour (Underage) complements the Irish Sports Council (ISC) Code of Ethics and Our Games – Our Code, the joint Code of Best Practice in Youth Sport.

An Coiste Stiúrtha Náisiúnta Féile places responsibility on the officers of all participating clubs to ensure that the highest standards of behaviour, practice and conduct required from our young players, officials, coaches, trainers, mentors, supporters, parents/guardians and clubs is forthcoming. All participating players and those attending John West Féile na nGael and Féile Peil na nÓg are obliged to adhere to and implement the Code of Behaviour when working with underage players.

An Coiste Stiúrtha Náisiúnta Féile will investigate and firmly deal with any alleged transgression of this Code and will propose fines or suspensions and/or exclusion from John West Féile na nGael and/or John West Féile Peil na nÓg as penalties in accordance with the principles of the Code.

Team preparation

The use of additional non Club members as trainers and coaches in the preparation of teams for John West Féile na nGael and John West Féile Peil na nÓg shall not be permitted; nor shall specialist training camps or attendance at or organising of such camps by a third party on behalf of the Club/Team. Excessive training of teams in preparation for John West Féile shall not be permitted. County Boards are requested to monitor the excessive use of additional training sessions and challenge games by John West Féile teams, within and outside of their County.

Any perceived transgressions of this Code must be reported to Coiste Stiúrtha Náisiúnta Féile. Upon investigation, any proven breach of these directives may result in the disqualification of the team from County and/or National John West Féile competitions. Failure by the County Board to report such infractions may result in the exclusion of teams from that County in John West Féile na nGael and John West Féile Peil na nÓg in subsequent years.


Each competing team must register on the official John West Féile registration form quoting the official membership number of each panel member. The Registration Form must be submitted by the Club Rúnaí/ Registrar including the player’s full registration details. Any alteration to the original registration must be notified to the Coiste Stiúrtha Náisiúnta Féile prior to travelling to Féile. The closing date for amendments to registration will be two days (5 p.m. on the Wednesday prior to the commencement of the Féile weekend).

Amendments to registration should be made on a separate official registration form providing the full details of the substitute player. The amended registration form should also state the name of the player that they are replacing.

A player may be required by a National Féile Official or their nominee to give his/her date of birth at any time during Féile and random checking of official registration may take place at any time prior to or subsequent to the National Finals and Regional Competitions


The ethos of Féile is that relationships are developed between host and visiting clubs. Participation within Féile involves both host and visiting clubs. Clubs from the host regions must host a visiting team in order to participate in Féile. It is not possible for teams from the host counties to take part in Féile without hosting. Additionally, visiting players should be accommodated in family homes and should be accommodated in pairs. No player should be left on his/her own. Visiting teams shall stay in the accommodation provided by their host Club for as long as they remain in the National Féile tournament.

Host families should be well known to club officials and are required to comply with vetting procedures. Vetting shall be completed through the e-vetting system as advised by the local and/or national committee.

All host families should provide contact details to the host club. These details should be provided to the visiting team mentors. Host families should also be given contact details of mentors and parents for their visiting players. Host families should be kept informed of any special requirements that a player may have e.g. medical conditions/dietary requirements.

Penalty for Breach of Regulation:

  1. Where a host club fails to make sufficient arrangements for hosting, or where host clubs refuse to host a visiting club, the host club shall not be permitted to take part in the Féile competition
  2. Where a visiting club fails to stay in the host accommodation provided by the host club, the visiting club may be suspended for the remainder of the Féile competition.
  3. An Coiste Stiúrtha Náisiúnta may impose further sanctions against the club including suspension from participating in future Féile competitions.

Give Respect – Get Respect

All participating teams shall adhere to the Respect initiative: Give Respect – Get Respect.

This Respect initiative seeks to ensure that, at a very minimum, our Gaelic Games are promoted and played in a positive, fair and enjoyable manner where players, coaches, spectators and referees Give Respect and Get Respect from each other.

The following shall be implemented in promoting and supporting the Respect initiative:

  • The host Club will welcome each team, officials, referees and spectators to their venue.
  • All players shall, as a condition of participation, undertake to play by the rules and take responsibility for their own behaviour whilst always respecting their opponents, referees and officials.
  • Players will line up at the center of the field before each game and will shake hands with all members of the opposing team, their coaches and the referee.
  • Similarly in Handball players shall meet at the center of the court and will shake hands with all members of the opposing team, their coaches and the referee.
  • Each player shall shake hands with their immediate opponents before and after each game.