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National Directive on Insurance and H&W Activity

GAA cover is automatic for official training and matches. If you wish to extend cover for any other initiatives (fundraisers, walking group, exercise classes etc.) you need to run it by the GAA Risk & Insurance Dept in Croke Park and your county board 6- 8 weeks in advance. You will need to fully disclose what you intend doing so that they can respond accordingly.

In order for insurers to consider extending Liability Insurance to the club as organiser of the event the club will be required to submit full details of the event and the control and management of same to include as a minimum the following;

  • Copy of the current club H&S Statement for the club property with risk assessments completed
  • Copy Event Safety Plan to include completed risk assessments. A Risk Assessment is used to identify possible risks and develop strategies to remove or reduce these risks
  • Full Description of the event & planned activities
  • Names of the Instructors for each activity and proof of their valid insurance.
  • Full Schedule of activities – date/times and locations of activities.
  • Details of any funding body who is supporting this initiative
  • Any other information that may assist insurers in reviewing the request for cover extension
Please Note:

The above list is generic & will vary depending on the nature of the event!

The GAA Risk & Insurance Dept will send you on the templates and risk assessment forms that need to be completed in advance by the club. Please give them 6- 8 week’s notice if possible. It is also important to reiterate that Phase 3 participating Healthy Clubs are only required to implement 2 areas of work throughout the 18 month cycle so once you start the planning and brainstorming stages please be mindful of the insurance process. I understand that the procedure may seem off putting but once you complete this once, it is generally the same templates used each time with some minor amendments depending on the nature of your initiative/event.

No Healthy Club event (where the correct process has been followed) have been refused and no claims have been made against Healthy Clubs but I just wanted to reiterate the importance of linking in with the Risk & Insurance Dept at the initial planning stages. They can advise you best and answer any queries you have in relation to insurance. You can contact Ciara Clarke at ciara.clarke@gaa.ie.

Finally, just to mention that a couple of recent request came in a day or 2 before the event was due to start and thankfully they turned it around in time but we don’t want to see any advertised events cancelled due to this reason. If a claim occurs and on investigation it is discovered that the full details of the event were not disclosed cover will be voided and an indemnity refused. In other words the club will be instructed to deal with the claim and pay any awards accordingly.

I have also been advised by the Risk & Insurance Department that this information is set out in the policy document issued to all GAA units on the 14/02/2018.

Issued via email from National Community & Health Dept. on 26/10/18

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