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Find out more about the Performance and Lifestyle Resource Microsite. Brought to you by Ulster GAA and SINI.

Within this microsite, you will find Performance, Lifestyle and player welfare resources and tools which are designed to improve player performance on both the field of play and other areas of life.

The content is brought to you by Ulster GAA in conjunction with SIN SI and

Ulster GAA / Sports Institute NI / GAA

A resource for Players, Parents and Coaches

The site can be used by players, parents and coaches.

The site isn’t intended to be used in any particular order, however, it is suggested that players start with the ‘pillars of performance’ self-profiling screen to identify baselines and set improvement goals using the goal setting section.

The site is subdivided into 3 sections:

  1. Performance skills
  2. Lifestyle
  3. Player Welfare

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