Living Together – Giving Together

February 23rd, 2011

A Celebration of Volunteering in Sports, Arts and Faith-Based Organisations

Venue: Long Gallery, Stormont

Volunteering in Sports, Arts and Faith-based Organisations – it’s always happened. It happens every day, every week, so does it largely go un-noticed? Is it so much part of the fabric of our community life that we don’t recognise and value it for what is? This celebration of the impact of volunteering will include key speakers from government, the GAA, Church of Ireland, City Church Belfast and Voluntary Arts. For the past two years these organisations have been working together, supported by the Department for Social Development in the North and the Department for Community, Equality and Gaeltacht Affairs in the South of Ireland to support, encourage and measure the impact of volunteering in their respective sectors

In a very innovative move, those attending the celebration will be given an opportunity to vote on key questions on the impact of volunteering:

  • We don’t need to invest in volunteering, do we? It’s freely given and costs nothing
  • We are not competing for volunteers; we need to be making partnerships in unexpected places
  • In present times of greater social and economic need, volunteering can only scratch the surface.