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Within this Microsite you will find information on the Health & Wellness inititaves currently offered by Ulster GAA. Clubs can also find resources on policies within our Club Resources Section. For further information please visit the Contacts page.

Our Programmes

General Health

Health is a wide-ranging concept. This section provides information on how to stay healthy in general terms. More detailed information on other aspects of health can be found in other Tabs.

HCO Support

Every club should have appointed a Healthy Club Officer (HCO). This section provides information relevant to a Healthy Club Officer, and members of a club’s Health & Wellbeing Committee.

Physical Activity

Although our players are getting lots of opportunities to be physically active, many of us need to do more. This section provides information on why we should be more physically active, and suggestions of how we can promote more opportunities to do so.

Mental Health

Our mental health is just as important as our physical health, and are both closely interlinked. This section provides information on how clubs can get involved in promoting positive mental health, and where to get supports, when needed.

Making Good Choices

The GAA has a large audience stretching across its lifespan. This section provides information on programmes clubs can get involved in which tackle some of the major risky behaviours that may cause our members harm.

Dealing with Critical Incidents

A GAA club will rally-round in difficult times, and we do this with a level of experience. However, on occasion challenges faced by clubs can be overwhelming. This section provides information on the GAA Critical Incident Response Plan, and sources of support in challenging times.

Donation Campaigns

The GAA is built on giving. By engaging with some key donation campaigns whom Ulster GAA has formed a partnership with, the GAA family can contribute greatly to needy causes. This section provides information for clubs on how to get involved.

First Aid & Defibrillators

First aid is a mandatory aspect to playing our games, and all clubs should have access to a defibrillator. This section details a clubs responsibility in relation to both, and provides information on how clubs can play a wider role in saving lives.

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