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Ulster GAA Statement Response to MORA’s call for a Public Enquiry

September 12th, 2013


Matters relating to the statutory planning process are matters for the Minister and the DOE and Ulster GAA will not be commenting on these matters until the planning process has reached its conclusion.

Ulster GAA and Antrim GAA remain totally committed to the redevelopment of the Casement Park stadium to meet the strategic needs of the GAA in Ulster. The Casement Park stadium is being built to host Gaelic Games. Ulster GAA are committed to ensuring the Casement Park redevelopment has a significant and positive economic and social impact on the local area and wider Belfast by creating approximately 1400 jobs in the construction industry and also bringing significant GAA events back to Belfast for the first time since the 1970’s.

Ulster GAA has been in discussions with the Mooreland Owenvarragh Residents Group (MORA) since April 2012. We entered a process of consultation on an open and honest basis which involved significant and ongoing contract with the residents group and other key stakeholders. Ulster GAA have listened and used the residents and other stakeholders’ feedback in the development process.

The first meeting that the design team held following their appointment in September 2012 was with the MORA residents group. The GAA also compromised significantly on the design and capacity of the development following ongoing engagement with MORA. MORA also decided recently withdraw from discussions with the GAA and while this is regrettable the GAA wants to re-engage with the Group at the earliest convenience to review the operational issues as part of the Stadium Redevelopment.

We would further highlight that the planning application also clearly states that the total capacity for the stadium for any event is 38,000 and it won’t be any higher. We are very disappointed that once again despite repeated clarification on this matter that MORA have continued to deliberately put misinformation into the public domain on the capacity issue by suggesting that the new stadium will accommodate 50,000 people. This is totally inaccurate and false and once again we state that the maximum capacity for any for game or event in the new stadium will not exceed 38,000.

We strongly refute the allegation by MORA that the GAA has not been transparent throughout the consultation. MORA were provided with significant information and updates on the stadium throughout a very open, intense and transparent engagement process.

Casement Park Key Facts Document

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