Sports Science & High Performance

Performance - Sports Science & High Performance sectionSports Science Support can be delivered at all levels and provides some good insights into player and coach performance. A certain level of sports science can be delivered by coaches who have come through the coach education programmes.

Basic fitness assessment and performance analysis, and delivery of simple sports psychology techniques are part of the programmes. Advanced sessions using technology are offered and online webinars support learning and development.

Vision for Sports Science & High Performance

“In High Performance, we are looking for the inches that help us get over the line first. This area brings the additional areas to the preparation and management of the players and the personal development of the support staff and the practices around preparation.”

Activities in Sports Science & High Performance

  • High Performance Culture
  • Fitness Assessment
  • Video Analysis
  • GPS Tracking
  • Athletic Development
  • Innovation and Research

To engage with Sports Science activity contact Ulster GAA Sports Science Officer – Eoin McNicholl

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