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Club Resources

Within this section you will find resources for clubs relating to Health and Wellness. It is important that as clubs you can offer your members the advice they need on some important issues. Ulster GAA are here to support clubs in the delivery of Health and Wellness initiatives.

Section Resources
Club Health & Wellness Policy Club H & W Policy
Role Of Club H&W Officer Club Health & Wellness Officer – Role Description
Cardiac Screening Questionnaire GAA Cardiac Screening Protocol
Defibrillator Guidelines GAA Defibrillator Guidelines
Issues to consider re AED
Critical Incident Response Plan GAA Critical Incident Response Plan
Rural Support – Financial Stress Rural Support for Financial Stress Leaflet
Club Tobacco, Alcohol & Drug Policy Tobacco Alcohol Drug Policy
Social Initiative Info Note Social Initiative info note
GAA Mental Health Charter GAA Mental Health Charter
Take 5 Take 5 Leaflet
(Five simple actions to help maintain and improve your emotional wellbeing in everyday life.)
Samaritans Contacts Samaritans Liaison Officer Contact List

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