Ulster County Crests


Nutrition at home

Resources supplied by the Cook it! Team, at Southern Health and Social Care Trust.

Resource Download
Key Nutrition Message 1 Healthy Eating with graphics Download
Key Nutrition Message 2 VIT D with graphics Download
Key Nutrition Message 3 RECIPES with graphics Download
Key Nutrition Message 4 HYDRATION with graphics Download
Key Nutrition Message 5 Routine and SNACKS with graphics Download

Information for Clubs

Resource Download
Organising Exercise For Young People Download
Teams User Guide for Clubs Download
StopCOVID NI Contact Tracing App Briefing Pack Download
StopCOVID NI Explainer Leaflet Download
Guidance on social clubs and meetings - Six Counties Download
NHSC guidance on use of GAA Meeting Rooms - 26 Counties Download
CLG COVID-19 Advisory Group Advice to Clubs and Counties – for activities post December 1st 2020 Download
Updated guidance to counties and clubs in the ‘Six Counties.’ 8.12.2020 Download

Children's Resources

Resources downloaded from the GAA Website.

Resource Download
Activity Pack 1 Download
Activity Pack 2 Download
Activity Pack 3 Download
Activity Pack 4 Download
Activity Pack 5 Download
Activity Pack 6 Download
Activity Pack 7 Download
Activity Pack 8 Download
Activity Pack 9 Download

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