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Match Preparation & Recovery

Improve on field performance and recovery by reviewing your pre and post-game routines.

Match Preparation

How you prepare for a match can have a considerable impact on your performance.

When the ball is thrown in to start the match, all players desire to feel full of energy, confident and focused. In other words, ‘fully charged’.

Charging your battery

Have a look at the battery image and reflect on your own match preparation. For each match you play, your aim should be to ‘charge’ your battery as close to 100% as possible.


  • Download the battery document and input the factors that are vital to your pre-match preparation.
  • Be mindful that everyone is different and your pre-match preparation should be customised to meet your individual needs
  • Reflect on how effective your match preparations have been and make necessary alterations for the next match

Your aim is to develop a robust, purposeful and consistent pre match routine that prepares you for every match you play.


At the end of each game or tough training session, you will have expended all your energy and your ‘battery’ will effectively be very low or completely out of charge.

Recovery Battery

It’s your job to recharge as much as possible to ensure you are recovered and ready for the next training session / match.

Use the protocol below as a sample guide. Further information can be found in the download section.

Match Recovery Protocol

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