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The Take 5 programme aims to inform people about everyday things we can do in order to look after, and improve, our mental wellbeing.

There are six videos in total. One for each of the 5 Steps to Wellbeing, and a generic video which encapsulates all the Steps.

Clubs, and Counties, are encouraged to utilise the videos as a way to promote mental wellbeing to their members. We all need to look after our mental wellbeing and the good news is that being involved in the GAA is an excellent way to do that!

Simply get familiar with the videos and their messages, and then find ways in which to link your Club’s activities to each of the 5 Steps.


Perhaps your Club is setting-up a walking club – this would tie-in with the “Be Active” step; the “Connect” step, and the “Take Notice” step.

Perhaps the club are looking for volunteers – this could tie-in with the “Give” step and the “Keep Learning” step.

Play around with the videos, using them to not only promote good mental wellbeing, but also to promote your Club!

Take 5

Be Active


Take Notice


Keep Learning

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