Enhance Performance and Reduce Injury

Activate is a GAA specific warm-up for training and matches that improves movement skills and reduces injury.

It is a dynamic warm up which includes the ball. This website contains resources and training videos to complement Ulster GAA coaching courses and support the delivery of the warm-up to squads.

Activate GAA Warm-Up

Activate has been developed by Sports Institute Northern Ireland (SINI) and Ulster GAA for use by coaches of players from 14 years to senior grade. It is suitable for use by Gaelic Football, Hurling and Camogie squads.

The warm up is based on solid medical research and, if performed regularly with proper technique, can reduce non-contact leg injuries by up to 50%.

The Activate GAA Warm-Up has three phases which should be performed twice a week before training. Initially, coaching Activate properly requires 30 minutes but it can be completed in 20 minutes when refined.

During the pre-match warm up only phases 1 and 3 should be delivered and can be followed by the coach’s own preferred drills.

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