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This section should be used in conjunction with your Club Maith Portfolio. Where necessary, Ulster GAA will provide advice, guidance and templates for the information required in each section of the Club Maith Portfolio.

Each piece of information will be numbered in relation to the criteria it corresponds to. Where the information relates to more than one criterion, all numbers will be detailed.

Additional information can be accessed in the Toolkit and Resources sections.


Reference Document Title
B4 Club Constitution
B5 Club Development Plan
B6 Equality Policy
B8 Declaration of Trust
B12 County Board Meeting Report to Club
B13 Sub-committee Remit
B14 Data Protection Policy
S2 Club Financial Procedures
G1 Volunteer Recruitment Officer-Role Description
G5 Budget Template Quarterly
G5 Budget Template Monthly

Community Engagement

Reference Document Title
B20 Disability and Special Needs Policy
B20 Disability Player Pathway Poster
B21 Club Facility Access Audit and Action Plan
B23 Club-School Links Brochure
B25 Valuing Volunteers Policy
B26 Recruitment Policy
B27 Role Descriptions
B28 Club Cultural Officer-Role Description
S6 Community and Inclusion Policy

Coaching and Games

Reference Document Title
B30 Coaches Qualification Record
B31 Club Coaching Plan
B32 Yearly Underage Club Coaching Calendar
B33 Club Coaching Officer-Role Description
B37 Schedule of Club Pitch Usage
B38 Blank Session Plan Standard
B38 Blank-Session Plan Grid Layout
S10 Club Coaching Structure
S13 Coaching and Games Sub Committee Remit

Creating a Safe Environment

Reference Document Title
B40 GAA Safety Statement Template
B40 GAA Club Safety Checklist
B42 Accident/Incident Reporting Form Template
B43 Attendance Sheet
B44 Cumann Lúthchleas Gael Full Membership Application Form
B44 Cumann Lúthchleas Gael Child/Youth-Membership Application-Form
B47 Cardiac Screening Questionnaire
B48 Club Tobacco Alcohol Drug Policy
B49 Club Health and Wellbeing Officer-Role Description
B51 Club Health and Wellbeing Policy
B52 Critical Incident Response Plan-Supporting Info
B52 Club Critical Incident Response Plan
S17 GAA Mental Health Charter
G16 AED Protocol
G18 Responsible Gambling Policy

Safeguarding Members

Reference Document Title
B53 Designated Officer Role Description
B54 Children’s Officer Role Description
B55 Child Safeguarding Statement
B55 GAA Code of Behaviour Underage
B57 Risk Assessment
B58 Coaches Qualification Record Template
B60 Maintaining Appropriate Levels of Behaviour
B61 Anti-Bullying Policy Statement 
B61 Anti-Bullying Poster 
B62 Club-Code-of-Behaviour-Underage-Hearings-Committee-Template